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This Wiki page was created by Eric Teel at Jefferson Public Radio after brainstorming with Gregg McVicar at Undercurrents Radio. We wanted to create a central hub for radio and other music personnel to find pronunciation tips for the numerous musical artists we talk about. This list covers primarily artists from the AAA (Triple-A) and Americana genres, but will also expand to include many other names from the world of music as additional people contribute. Avett Brothers, Bruce Cockburn, Ibeyi, Damien Jurado... it's all nice and easy to see in print, but what if you actually have to SAY IT on the radio? This page is going to be your go-to resource so that you're always working with the information you need to be successful.

  • One note: I (Eric) may go in and adjust your pronunciations based on my experience with phonetic (fuh-NET-ick) spelling for broadcast. If you have a question/concern with one of the listings here, let's work together to get a definitive source, which can be noted in the "Notes" field. Thanks!
  • Additionally, PLEASE follow format: Last, First. Or in the case of a band that starts with The/Los/Las, do "Beatles, The"
  • If you have a question/correction to a listing or just need to reach me, email JPRMUSIC (at) SOU (dot) edu.

Pronunciation A-ZEdit

Name Pronunciation Notes
!!! CHK CHK CHK LIke "Chick Chick Chick"
Aceyalone ay-see-ya-lone
Ade, King Sunny ah-DAY
Aimee, Cyrille sur-REEL ah-MAY This comes direct from her management company. -Admin
Akre, Carrie ah-KREE
Albert, Chloe KLO-ee AL-ber
Alialujah Choir Ah-LEE-ah-loo-yah
Allah-Las ah-lah-lahs
ALO A. L. O. Just say the letters. Never "ALLO"
Alvvays "Always"
Amanfu, Ruby uh-MAHN-foo
Amidon, Sam AM-ih-dawn
Amigos Invisibles, Los LOES a-MEE-gose in-viz-EE-blays
Amos, Tori TOR-ee AY-mus
Anastasio, Trey TRAY ahn-uh-STAY-see-oh From the band Phish
Anga ong-AH
Annibale, Brooke AN-ih-bell
Antognini, Ivo EE-vo ahn-toe-NEE-nee
Anúna ah-NOON-ah
Arie, India IN-dee-uh are-EE Usually spelled India.Arie
Árstíðir OWRS-tih-deer I've interviewed this band myself. -AdminAnother tricky Icelandic one. The third syllable is more of a "theer" than

a "deer," and it's spoken very quickly with the second: Like "T'theer"

Aṣa AH-shah Stage name of Nigerian-French singer Bukola Elemide
Ásgeir OUSE (like "mouse") Gare Icelandic is VERY tricky, here's a video of himself saying it.

Askew, Joy ASK-you. Not uh-SKYOO
Assad, Badi BAH-jee ah-SAHD
Aswad ah-swahd
Auerbach, Dan HOUR-bock Soft final consonant. More like J.S. Bach, and less like BAWK!
Au Pair oh-PAIR French
Autour De Lucie oh-toor duh loo-see
Avett, Seth AY-vett One of the Avett Brothers
Avett Brothers, The AY-vett Brothers This is often said wrong, but it's definitely as shown here.
Ayo EYE-o
Bacior, Robin BASS-ee-or Bass like the fish, not like the instrument.
Baerwald, David BARE-wald
Baez, Joan BY-ez
Baker, Julien JOO-lee-en
Balthazar BALL-thuh-zahr
Bareilles, Sara buh-RELL-iss
Bazini, Bobby bah-ZEE-nee
Bedouine BED-oh-in
Bell, LeRoy leh-ROY Not LEE-roy
Bellemare, Geneviève ZHAWN-vee-ev BELL-mahr She cut me a station liner and said it herself. -Admin
Benevento, Marco ben-eh-VEN-toe
Berg, Matraca  muh-TRACE-ah
Beta Days BAY-tuh Days Like Alpha, Beta, etc...
Beto and the Fairlanes BAY-toe
Bingham, Ryan BING-um
Bhiman, Bhi BEE BEE-min Bay area singer/songwriter of Sri Lankan descent.
Bhundu Boys, The BOON-doo
Bio Ritmo bee-oh REET-mo
Björk BYURK Rhymes with "Jerk." NOT BYORK!

Stage name of Björk Guðmundsdóttir, formerly of Sugarcubes.

Blacc, Aloe AL-oh Black
Black Uhuru ooh-HOO-roo
Black Umfolosi oom-foe-LOE-see
Blanchard, Francesca fran-CHESS-kuh blan-CHARD
Bloque BLOE-kay
Bluhm, Nikki BLOOM
Bonamassa, Joe bon-ah-MOSS-ah
Bonham, Traci BAWN-um
Bon Iver Bone ee-VAIR This is a Band, not a person. Features Justin Vernon.
Bonobo boe-NO-boe
Booka Shade BOO-kah
Borogoves, The BURROW-goves
Beausoleil boze-oh-lay No real emphasis on any syllable.
Boine, Mari MAHR-ee BOY-nuh Finnish singer/songwriter.
Boucher, Butterfly Rhymes w/ "COUCH-er"
Boutte, John boo-tay
Bradfield, Geof Jeff
Bramblett, Randall BRAM-blet
Breut, Francoiz fran-swah broo
Brickell, Edie EE-dee brick-ELL
Broemel, Carl BRAY-mel
Broussard, Marc broo-SAHRD
Brown, Pieta pee-ETT-uh Greg Brown's daughter.
Brue, Sammy BROO
Brun, Ane AH-nuh BROON Norwegian singer. The "oo" sound is more like in the word "book."
Bruton, Stephen STEEV-en BROOT-n Killer guitarist. Passed away in 2009 of cancer, aged 60.
Bucaro, Clarence boo-CAHR-oh
Bulat, Basia BAH-shuh BOO-laht She puts pretty equal emphasis on both syllables of her

last name.

Cafe Tacuba kah-FAY tah-COO-bah
Cahoone, Sera Sara cuh-HOON
Callier, Terry CALL-ee-ur
Canales, Lance cuh-NAH-less I got this directly from him. -Admin.
Capercaillie kay-purr-KAY-lee
Case, Neko NEE-koe
Cassidy, Eva EE-vuh
Castiglia, Albert ca-STEEL-ya
Cayucas kye-YOO-cuss
Ceu "Sell" Stage name of Maria do Céu Whitaker Poças.

She recently changed how she wanted her name pronounced.

Chandra, Sheila CHAHN-drah
Chapin Sisters, The CHAY-pin
Chatham County Line CHAT-um
Chic Gamine SHEEK gah-MEEN
CHVRCHES "Churches"
Cibo Matto CHEE-boe MAHT-toe
Cielo Y Tierra Chee-AY-low ee tee-AIR-ah
Cirque Du Soleil sirk duh so-LAY
Cleaves, Slaid "Slayed" Cleeves
Clementine, Benjamin CLEM-en-tine Not "-teen"
Cockburn, Bruce COE-burn Please don't get this one wrong. Ever.
Colvin, Shawn CALL-vin Yes, we've all said it wrong (COLE-vin) for decades, but this

is how SHE said it on eTown recently. So let's get it right.

Conde, Jose KAHN-day
Conjunto Cespedes cone-HOON-toe say-SPAY-daze
Cortese, Laura cor-TAY-zee
Cowan, John COW-an
Cuba, Alex COO-bah or CYOO-bah Either is ok. COO-bah is more traditional.
Curumin COOR-ooh-mean
D'Agostino, Peppino pep-PEE-no day-awg-o-STEE-no
D'Amato, Anthony DEE-uh-MAH-doe I had him clarify myself. Pretty soft 't' on the last syllable.

More like a 'd.' -Admin

Dat'r DAT-ur
Deanta JAWN-tah
De'Clouet, Theryl THAIR-el de'CLUE-eh
Dengue Fever DENG-gay "Fever"
Dezen, Alex DEE-zen
Diabaté, Toumani too-MAH-nee jah-BAH-tay Update 1/28 -Admin. Whoever posted this one had it wrong, and it's

something I've heard many people get wrong. What's posted here is

now correct. See:

Dibango, Manu MAH-noo dee-BONG-oh
DiFranco, Ani AAH-nee dih FRANK-oh
DIIV "Dive"
Dikongue, Henri on-ree dee-cone-gay French influence here really puts no emphasis on any syllable.
Dilego, Don dih-LEG-oh
Doillon, Lou Dwoy-un
Doughty, Mike DOE-dee Saying a hard "TEE" sounds a bit forced.
Downs, Lila LEE-luh Not LIE-la
Drever, Kris DREE-vur
Dube, Lucky dew-bay
Duhks, The "Ducks"
Dumazz dew-mahz
Duvekot, Antje ONT-ya DOO-vuh-kaht
Dyb "DIB"
Dzihan & Kamien gha-HAN and KAM-yen
Earls of Leicester, The URLs of LESS-tur The band's name is a play on the names of Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt.
Efterklang EFF-ter-klong
Egan, Seamus SHAY-muss EE-g'n
Egge, Ana AH-nuh "Eggy"
El Rego RAY-go
Ely, Joe EE-lee
Emefe em-EF-ay
Ehrhardt, Sena SEE-nuh AIR-hart
Erquiaga, Steve er-key-AH-ga
Escovedo, Alejandro AH-lay-han-dro ES-coe-VAY-do
Eux Autres ooz-OH-truh
Evora, Cesaria seh-SAHR-ee-ah ey-VOR-uh
Faccini, Piers PEERS fah-CHEE-nee He's English, but gives his name an Italian treatment.
Fashek, Majek ma-JEEK fa-SHEEK
Fahey, John FAY-hee
Fiamma Fumana fee-AH-mah foo-MAH-nah
Fleck, Bela BAY-luh
Flinner, Matt FLIN-nur
Ford, Frazey FRAY-zee
Forro in the Dark FOE-hoe
Foucault, Jeffrey FOE-kahlt For generations, the Foucault family has pronounced it this way.
Francois & the Atlas Mountains fran-SWAH Edited 1/28 -Admin.

Franti, Michael FRAHN-tee TWO syllables. It's a shortened version of his FINNISH adopted

father's last name: Frantila (FRAHN-tee-lah) -Admin

Freund, Steve FROY-nd
Fujiya & Miyagi FUJI-ya and me-YAH-gee
Gardens & Villa VEE-yuh
Gauthier, Mary go-SHAY
Gelb, Howe HOW Not "Howie"
Ghent, A.J. JENT like Gentleman (how he pronounces it)
Gibson, Daughn DAWN
Giddens, Rhiannon Ree-ANN-en GIDD-ens
Gilberto, Bebel beh-BELL zhil-BEAR-toe
Gotye GO-tee-ay
Granger, Courtney kort-NEY grawn-ZHAY
GRMLN Gremlin
Grupo Aye GROO-poe ah-YAY
Haim HYE-am
Hajk "Hike"
Hannalee HAH-nuh-lee
Hansard, Glen HAN-surd
Haque, Fareed "HAWK"
Hazmat Modine HAZ-matt moe-DEEN
Heap, Imogen IM-oh-jen HEEP
Hecht, Robby HEKT
HEM "HEM" Not H.E.M. like R.E.M.
Hey Marseilles HAY mahr-SAY
Hiatus Kaiyote "Hiatus" "Coyote" Coyote is 3 syllables: kie-YOE-tee
Highasakite High As A Kite
Hiss Golden Messenger "Hiss" like a snake. Not "Hizz"
Hoge, Will HOE-g Like the Pogues
Holcombe, Malcolm MAL-come HOLE-come
Hoop, Jesca JESS-kuh 2 syllables. Don't slip and say "Jessica"
Hoots & Hellmouth Hoots and HELL Mouth
Hozier HOE-zee-ur This comes from Lisa Sonkin at Columbia Records. -Admin
Huayucaltia why-you-cal-tee-ah
Huber, Joseph HYOO-bur
Hussain, Zakir zah-KEER hoo-SANE
Ibeyi ee-bay-ee It's a sister duo.
Ices, Lia LEE-uh ICE-iss
Inti-Illimani een-tee eel-ah-man-nee
Irglova, Marketa mar-KEH-tah eer-GLO-vah Edited 1/28 -Admin. First name is Mar-KEH-tah. That's what Glen

Hansard was calling her in interviews after Once came out.

Irion, Johnny EYE-rhee-on
Isakov, Gregory Allen EYE-zuh-koff
Isbell, Jason IZ-bul He does not say it as "-bell." Very short second syllable, like b'l. -Admin
Iyall, Deborah de-BOR-ah "Isle"
Iyer, Vijay vuh-JAY ah-YER
Jaffe, Sarah JAF-fee
Jaimoe's Jasssz Band JAY-moe
Jamiroquai jah-MEER-oh-KWY Final syllable rhymes with "Try"
Jarosz, Sarah juh-ROZE Straight from her mouth. -Admin
Jehro ZHAIR-oh
Jewell, Eilen EE-len Not eye-LEEN
Jimenez, Flaco FLOCK-o He-MAY-Nez
Johnedis, Chris john-EE-dis
Jonsi YONE-see Lead singer of Sigur Ros.
Jr. Jr. "Junior Junior" Formerly known as the band "Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr."
Juluka juh-LOO-kuh
Jurado, Damien jurr-AH-doe He says it that way himself. Says trad. hoo-RAH-doe is ok too.
Juul, Soren SORE-en JOOL
Kaleo kah-LAY-oh
Kaukonen, Jorma YOR-muh COW-kuh-nen
Kehr, Kris "Care"
Keineg, Katell kuh-TELL KAY-neg
Keita, Mamani KAY-tah
Keita, Salif sah-LEAF KAY-tah
Kennedy, Nuala new-ALLA
Kenny, Emer EE-mur
Kila KEY-lah
King, Kaki KA-kee Rhymes with "Tacky"
Kishi Bashi KEE-shee BOSH-ee This is a the performance name of singer/violinist K. Ishibashi
Kitchell, Sonya SONE-yuh KITCH-ul
Kiwanuka, Michael kee-wah-NOO-kuh
Knopfler, Mark NOP-flur Former lead singer of Dire Straits
Kolars KOE-larz This comes from their mgmt company. -Admin
Kottke, Leo KOT-kee
Krasno, Eric KRAZ-no
Kunda, Toure TOOR-ay KOON-dah
LaFarge, Pokey lah-FARJ Rhymes with "barge"
La Havas, Lianne Lee-ANN Lah HAHV-us
La Nena, Dom Dahm La NAY-na
Lamontagne, Ray lah-mahn-tayne Pretty much equal emphasis on all three syllables. -Admin
Landes, Dawn LAN-dess
Lanois, Daniel LAN-wah
Lauderdale, Jim LAHD-ur-dale
Leahy lay-hee
LeBlanc, Dylan leh-BLONK Not leh-BLANK
Leisz, Greg LEESE Amazing guitarist and in-demand sideman/studio ace.
Leithauser, Hamilton LITE-how-zur
Lekman, Jens Yens LEHK-m'n
Lerche, Sondre SOHN-drah lair-kay He's cool with what's shown here. Depends how much you

want to strive for accurate Norwegian. If so, roll the 'R" in Sondre,

and the last name is closer to LECH-keh, with the LECH ending

with a soft "CH" like J.S. Bach. -Admin

Les Tetes Brulees lay tett brew-lay
Li, Lykke LICK-eh LEE
Lo, Ismael eesh-male low
Loebe, Rebecca LOE-bee
Lontalius lon-TAH-lee-us
Los De Abajo lohs Day ah-bah-hoe
Louise, Grana gra-NAY
Lucero LOO-sair-oh
Lucius LOO-shus
LUH Luh as in "Love" Record company confirmed. -Admin Stands for "Lost Under Heaven"
Maal, Baaba BAHB-uh mahl
Macpodz, The MACK-pods
Magness, Janiva JAN-ih-vuh MAG-ness
Mallonee, Bill ma-LONE-ee
Mappe Of "Map Of" Like "Map of the World"
Matt Pond, PA "Matt Pond", Pee Ay
McEuen, John mick-YOO-en

McKeown, Erin

mick-YONE Interviewed her myself. -Admin
Meklit mek-LEET
MGMT M.G.M.T. Just say the letters. Not "Management."
Miike Snow "Mike Snow" This is a band, not a person. And not MEE-kay or MEE-kuh.
Minucci, Cheili kee-lee mih-NOO-chee
Mitchell, Anaïs uh-NAY-iss Interviewed her multiple times. -Admin
Monte, Marisa mah-ree-sah moan-tay
Montbleau, Ryan MONT-"blue" Straight from his mouth. -Admin
Montreux moan-trooh
Morissette, Alanis uh-LAN-iss MORE-ih-set She cut us a custom liner, so this comes directly from her mouth.


Motian, Paul MOE-shun
Motta, Tomás Pagán Toe-MAHS Puh-GAHN MOE-tah
Moyet, Alison Moy-YAY
Mraz, Jason MRAZZ. Rhymes with "Jazz" ONE syllable, not two.
Muzsikas moo-zeek-ahz
Mvula, Laura m-VOO-lah Try to say this as a two syllable name. And make sure you don't

start with "um" or "em" It's just "mm."

Myn Dwun "Mind One"
Nahko & Medicine for the People NAH-koe
Naim, Yael yigh-ell nigh-yeem French-Israeli songstress.
Nakai Quartet, The nah-kye
Ndegeocello, Me'shell Mee-SHELL n-DEH-geh-oh-CHELL-oh Edited 1/25 -Admin. 5 1/2 syllable last name.

Translates to "free like a bird"

Niyaz NEE-yahz
Nneka NECK-a
Nouvelle Vague noo-vell vog
Nunez, Gerardo hare-are-doe noon-yaze
Obel, Agnes OW-ness Oh-b'l like "noble" She's Danish. I've met her in person. This is how SHE says it. -Admin
O'Donovan, Aoife EE-fuh
Olak, Rolla RAH-lah OH-lack
Okkervil River OCK-ur-vill
Pamyua BOMB-you-uh Alaskan Yupik. BOMB with a hint of "UH"
Patterson, Esmé EZ-may
Peyroux, Madeleine PAY-ROO Often sounds more like PEH-ROO. Shoot the gap in between.
Phish "Fish"
Poliça poe-LEE-suh
Poltz, Steve POLE+ts
Popovic, Ana PAH-puh-vich More trad: POE-poe-vich, but it's been Americanized. -Admin
Primeaux & Mike PREE-moe
Quetzal ket-SAHL
Raichel, Idan (Project) ee-DAWN RIE-chel The "ch" in the last name is very soft. Almost like "RIE-hell"
Raitt, Bonnie RATE
Ray, Gemma Gem-ma or Jem-ma Don't know which is right... Community?
Rateliff, Nathaniel RATE-lif
Rev. Sekou "Reverend" SAY-koo Full name is Osagyefo Uhuro Sekou
Rivvrs "Rivers"
Rottiers, Kelsey & the Rising Tide ROE-tears
Rowe, Sean ROW Like "POW." Not "ROE"
San Fermin fur MEAN
Santigold SAHN-tee-gold This comes direct from her mouth. Not SAN-tee. -Admin
SBTRKT "Subtract" Don't say the letters S-B-T-R-K-T!
Scorzari, Bill Skor-ZAHR-ee
Segall, Ty TYE SEE-gull
Sey, Seinabo SAYN-uh-boe SEE Maybe mistakes made here. This is how SHE says it. -Admin
Shanachie SHAWN-uh-kee This is a record company, formerly all folk stuff, but now

expanding to other genres.

Sharp, Maia MYE-uh Sharp
Shimabukuro, Jake sheem-ah-boo-KOO-roe This is his preferred emphasis, despite not being traditional. -Admin
Sigur Rós SIH-ur roes This one is tough. Sigur does NOT have a 'G' sound in it.

The i is like the i in "hit", and "Ros" is said very quickly. -Admin

Sihasin SEE-hah-sin Diné (Navajo)
Simonett, Dave sih-muh-NETT AKA Dead Man Winter. Also - lead singer of Trampled by Turtles,
Simpson, Sturgill STUR-jill
Spektor, Regina reh-JEE-nah
Star & Micey MICE-ee
Stevens, Sufan SOOF-yawn
St. Germain san-zhair-man (Fr.)

San zhair-MAIN (Eng.)

This can be done a couple of ways. Very French, or not.
Talan, Deb TAL-an Tal is like the word "Tally"
Tedeschi, Susan Tuh-DESK-ee
Tedeschi Trucks Band Tuh-DESK-ee Trucks
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down T+ow! (like towel) Vietnamese name. Last name: Nguyen (pron: "Win")
Thile, Chris THEE-lee Like saying the word "Sealy" with a lisp.
Tiburones tee-boor-OH-nays
Tolchin, Jonah TOLE-chin
Torrini, Emiliana tore-EE-nee, em-ee-lee-ah-nah
Toure, Daby DOB-ee TOOR-ay Originally from Mauritania. Now lives in Paris.
Toussaint, Allen two-SAWNT
Tow'rs "Towers"
Trudell, John true-DELL
TxE T and E
Ume OO-may
Victoria, Adia uh-DEE-yuh
Waldemar, Torgeir TOR-geer VAHL-deh-mar
Weir, Bob WEER
Welch, Gillian GILL-ee-an WELCH Hard "G" in Gillian, and a hard "CH" in Welch.
WIshyunu "Wish" "You" "Knew"
Xit "Exit"
Yaryan, Nico YAHR-yan
Y La Bamba ee lah BAWM-buh
Yaryan, Nico YAHR-yawn

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